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Repo is a JUnit extension that provides access to a test data repository. It separates test data from code, thus, improving maintainability of test code, allowing to run tests in multiple contexts, facilitating accessibility by multiple developers.


Repo User Guide (also as PostScript)
Quick introduction to Repo.
Repo Requirements and Design Documentation Guide (also as PostScript)
Initial requirements for Repo project and object-oriented analysis and design.
Repo Developer Guide (also as PostScript)
Overview of organization of source repository, requirements to compile source code, requirements to run unit tests, and organization of project documentation.
Repo API
Javadoc generated API documentation for programmers.


Repo 1.2
Download page for Repo.


Repo on SourceForge
Repo is an open-source project hosted by SourceForge.


If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me, Alexander Anderson, at

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